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"The four students are nicely cast: Tara Henderson is excellent as Kate, a liberal feminist leading a privileged life. She has the more challenging role of the two women."

-Rick Busciglio, New Jersey Footlights


"I've seen tens of thousands of actors, and Tara is one of the finest actors I've ever had the pleasure of working with. We consider the moment you approach us as part of the audition. From the very beginning of the process, Tara was prompt, courteous, and professional, from submitting her materials to scheduling her audition to arriving early and prepared. She has such integrity as a person, and that integrity really shines through in her performance.”

- Donna Devlin, Backstage


"Tara Henderson is beautiful to behold as Hero."

- MD Ransom, Theatre Review


"Tara Henderson (Wakeman) delivers a thoughtful and interesting performance."

- Martin Denton,


"Tara Henderson is equally good as Tevye's harsh-on-the surface but warmhearted wife, Golde. Their charming "Do You Love Me?" duet is a highlight of the show."

- Johanna Crosby, Cape Cod Times


"The carousel owner, the oily and manipulative Mrs. Mullin, was portrayed well by Tara Henderson, who adds fawning pathos to the character's hard edged business sense and creates another dimension of sordidness."

- Gerree Hogan Trudeau, The Falmouth Enterprise

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